ABOUT Richie:
What's going on everybody? My name is Rich, I'm one of the guitarists for Sailing Stone. I've been playing guitar since elementary school and it's become the focal point of my life. I grew up listening to a wide variety of music that influences my playing style today. I always leaned toward the heavier side of music though. I had Metallica albums on repeat throughout middle school and high school. Today i enjoy both sides of the spectrum. From metal bands like Periphery, to soft acoustic music from City and Colour, I listen to it all. Besides the music, I'm also a pizza guy and a plumber. So, if you're ever hungry, have a leak, and need to be serenaded...I'm your guy. I'm also involved in some type of sport or physical activity almost always. Football, hockey, racquetball, baseball, tennis; you name it, I play it. Then i go home and play xbox all night with Nick and Andrew. By the way...I'm also the meanest Smash Bros. player east of the Mississippi. My Ice Climbers are unstoppable. Anyway, Sailing Stone is a major part of my life. It all started with Nick and I playing guitar at each others houses, trying to be our favorite guitarists, to our first band known as Disco Cookie. As time went on we expanded and improved to become the band we are today: Sailing Stone. Before i end this bio, i just want to thank all of my friends and family that supported us from day one. Hope to catch you guys at one of our shows soon!