Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter

About Nick

I never know how to open these things but here it goes. I'm Nick and I'm a guitarist and vocalist in Sailing Stone. In middle school,  after several years of mediocre trumpet playing, I picked up my first guitar. Inspired by the blues infused licks of Jimmy Page, my playing quickly transitioned from hobby to obsession. I devoted as much time as possible to the instrument and with the help of youtube and TAB sites I learned as much as I could. Today you'd be hard pressed to find me anywhere without my guitar by my side. I didn't start singing until my senior year of high school. After that it wasn't long before I was writing songs, or at least trying to. I have yet to find any experience more fulfilling than starting with absolutely nothing and winding up with a completed song. I have way too many influences to list here but the three most important are probably Led Zeppelin, John Mayer and Jason Mraz. My biggest hobby outside of music is hockey. I'm a goalie and a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan. 

I guess thats it, so if you want to know any more about me feel free to come to a show and strike up a conversation! Thanks for reading guys and be sure to check out the Sailing Stone Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 


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