ABOUT Brianna:
Music has alway been a very big part of my life. Growing up with a father in the music business definitely influenced my love of music. Hearing him always singing Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin introduced me to a completely different style of music than the Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera that I was obsessed with. I used to be very shy singing in front of people when I was younger, aside from the home video of me singing Celine Dion's " My Heart Will Go On" when I was four years old. It wasn't until Nick started singing his senior year in high school that I wanted to be apart of it and noticed. Ever since we started singing together we haven't stopped. I started playing piano when I was about sixteen. Just watching youtube piano tutorials i got more and more comfortable with the keys. Once i started coming up with my own melodies i began putting lyrics to them. Basically all of my songs have some sort of depressing hidden stories to them. Its a way for me to take the situation I'm going through and put it into something (as cheesy as it sounds) beautiful. It really helps me clear my thoughts sort of like writing in a diary. Singing and writing aren't the only things I love to do, I also have my license in Cosmetology. I love working with hair! But thats enough about me! Hope to see you readers at a show! :)