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Don't worry, I'll keep this short.

So, Iv'e been a musician since the age of 8 and I started out playing concert instruments such as the (bass)clarinet, trombone, and saxophone for my school's band. Music has been a major part of my life since then, and over the years I have learned to play many more instruments and have also expanded my musical background. I enjoy just about every genre of music but I mainly stray towards rock and metal. I actually only started playing drums about 5 years ago and I previously played heavy metal, and some might pick that up in my style of playing even in a more folk rock band like Sailing Stone. I also started singing just a few years ago at the end of my high school career when I met our own Nick Chiapparino.  I am also a self taught drummer and singer with not a minute of professional teaching under my belt. Well, that's about it really! Thanks for taking the time to listen to us and be sure to visit our Facebook page and leave a like! There are also links up at the top of the page to the band Twitter and Youtube accounts, as well as my personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Thanks a bunch! 

- Andrew S. Ortiz